A View From My Seat for StubHub & TicketMaster

To make things easier for you when you’re buying tickets, we made these handy extensions. They display the photos submitted by event goers, like you, within TicketMaster and/or StubHub.

We believe that although 3D views gives you the general idea of what the view is, they don’t provide you with the information you really care about. Some of these things could be; are you truly able to see all the action, are you ever in the shade on a hot day or does the mascot ever come by these seats.

We found the pages on StubHub and Ticket Master where everyone’s photos would come in most handy. Then made an extension to display photos in those pages.

Because A View From My Seat is about the fans, from the fans, by the fans, these extensions are free and only get better with your contribution.