What is A View From My Seat?

A View From My Seat is a comprehensive library, made by the fans for the fans, which can be used to research what the view will be before, during or after buying tickets. Have you ever purchased tickets to an event only to be disappointed - either you paid too much for the seat you wound up with or you got a bad seat altogether, like one with an obstructed view? Everyone spends a lot of time online hunting for a good view for the game, concert, and show. A View From My Seat, through everyones contribution, makes that process much easier.

Our Story

In 2010, we had a dilemma while trying to buy a season ticket package to the Phillies. Our only resource to make this hefty purchase was an online stadium diagram. That gave us the idea - what if everyone submitted a picture when they attend an event? Then everyone could benefit from everyone else's experience.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help fans and event-goers be better informed. So, we created A View From My Seat, a crowd-sourced approach for fans to help each other make more informed decisions about the tickets and shows they want to go see.

We love providing a handy resource for you during the ticket purchasing process, before heading to the event, while there, showing off your view, to your friends, then, through high fives and comments, letting you know that others appreciate your contribution.

How it works - A little give and take.

Take a little: A View From My Seat is a community of fans that support each other. Use it as a reference when you are purchasing tickets. You’ll have a better idea of what your view of the action will actually be and you're likely to be happier with your purchase. Give a "high five" to the person that submitted the photo to thank them!

Give a little: When you get to the event, we'd appreciate if you can snap and share a picture, which will ultimately help other users in the community. You can upload photos during the event from our Android or iPhone app or after the event via our website.

Help spread the word… there's something in it for you!

If you have friends that are sports or theatre fans, please let them know about A View From My Seat. Why? Because the more people that contribute to A View From My Seat, the more the rest of us benefit. At some point, you'll want to visit a venue that you’ve never been to before and you'll hope that someone has already made a contribution to A View From My Seat!