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City Guide for Cambridge, Massachusetts
Fun things to do in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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Ampersand 5 star rating

Ampersand serves delicious and creative fusion cuisine. The egg custard with bacon dashi was perfect, and I could never go back to eating miso-less...
Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay 4.5 star rating

Taiwanese, Bubble Tea
The reason I haven't written a review until now is that I'm speechless. My absolute favorite restaurant in Allston. What keeps me coming back: + The...
Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty 4.5 star rating

Cornish Pasty is the Bee's Knees. Whether you're fancying a pasties or like to go on a bender, this joint is your stop. My mate and I stopped in for a...
Cafe Madeleine

Cafe Madeleine 4.5 star rating

Bakeries, Coffee & Tea
This review is partly for me, to remind myself that this is probably my favorite place for chocolate baked goods I've found so far in Boston. The double...
The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille 4.5 star rating

Steakhouses, Seafood, Wine Bars
Each visit to America, I'd wanted to try The Capital Grille. Finally I got a chance to do so in Boston recently and I was really blown away ... especially...

Gre.Co 4.5 star rating

Griego, Ensaladas, Bocatas
I've always wanted to try loukoumades and found this place! Not sure what they should be tasting like but I loved them! The small donut holes were light and...
Saltie Girl

Saltie Girl 4.5 star rating

Seafood, Wine Bars, Cocktail Bars
Great place and worth the wait. Interesting take on some seafood classics. Despite being a seafood spot, you won't regret ordering the burger. Drink with...