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City Guide for Edison, New Jersey
Fun things to do in Edison, New Jersey.


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418 Burgers

418 Burgers 4.5 star rating

American (Traditional), Burgers, Salad
I love 418. They have very high quality take out burgers, salads and sandwiches. The menu is very straightforward and simple. It's a very convenient...
Persis Biryani & Indian Grill

Persis Biryani & Indian Grill 4.5 star rating

Came here on the weekend for a family lunch. The chicken 65 was very good. It was a saucy fried chicken dish that tasted excellent. Crunchy and very...
Ramen Noodle

Ramen Noodle 4.5 star rating

Ramen, Noodles
Came here on a Friday night for dinner with a friend and was surprised to see the place was empty, but towards the end of the night more people started...
Jina's House Korean Restaurant

Jina's House Korean Restaurant 4.5 star rating

I had to finally give in being a casual Yelp user and create an actual account to review this place!! This place is amazing and nothing short. Do not let...
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot 4 star rating

Mongol, Fondues, Chino
First off, I really liked the ambiance of this large restaurant, it had so many tables and booths but was still very open. The menu was easy to understand...
Shanghai Dumpling House, 上海小籠

Shanghai Dumpling House, 上海小籠 4 star rating

They do soup dumplings right. If ever i'm craving soup dumplings and don't have the time head to China Town, this is where I'll go. I haven't found another...
Tastee Sub Shop

Tastee Sub Shop 4 star rating

Deli, Belegde broodjes
Pretty darn good. Never would have found this place if not for my friend scott who took us there yesterday. It looks like a dive but they move the line...