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City Guide for Naples, Italy
Fun things to do in Naples, Italy.

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Sat, Jun 25

Ultimo Napoli

Stadio San Paolo
Sun, Jun 26

Ultimo Napoli

Stadio San Paolo

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Stadio San Paolo
Saturday, Jun 25 at 9:00 PM
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Stadio San Paolo
Sunday, Jun 26 at 9:00 PM
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Top Restaurants


Studioburger 5 star rating

Burgers, Breweries
Many thanks to Yelp CM Maddalena for having uncovered this gem of a burgher joint and choosing it for the last Elite event before Christmas. It was just...
Milagros Gastrobar

Milagros Gastrobar 5 star rating

Spanish, Mediterranean, Tapas Bars
In Naples at the end of a three week trip, tapas sounded good, so we got to the restaurant tonight just as they opened (without reservation), and got seated...
Pescheria Mattiucci

Pescheria Mattiucci 5 star rating

Seafood, Seafood Markets
Great place, friendly atmosphere, delicious fresh fish, beautiful neighborhood. I spent three days in Napoli and dined at this place twice. They have a...
Pizza Gourmet

Pizza Gourmet 5 star rating

Pizza in Naples is the best in Italy. Never had a bad pizza there and Pizza Gourmet continued the trend. Nice thin, perfectly crispy crust with soft cheese....
Da Michele

Da Michele 4.5 star rating

Naples is said to be the birth place of Pizza. If you are a pizza lover, I must suggest you make a stop here. The lines of people waiting will explain...

Sorbillo 4.5 star rating

Here's the thing: I don't even know that I had a real pizza until I had the pizza here. Like that's pretty much as dramatic as I normally I am but let me...
Il Gobbetto

Il Gobbetto 4.5 star rating

Cucina campana
Fantastic food and atmosphere! The "father" danced with a patron-- including twirls and dips-- in the middle of the tiny restaurant while the servers did...