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City Guide for Peoria, Arizona
Fun things to do in Peoria, Arizona.


Top Restaurants

Benny's Burgers & BBQ

Benny's Burgers & BBQ 4.5 star rating

Burgers, Barbeque, Hot Dogs
my first time there today!!! omg best hamburger i've ever eaten.. i had a mexican burger combo....great flavor, great service i am definitely going back...
Beyond Donuts & Cafe

Beyond Donuts & Cafe 4.5 star rating

Cafes, Donuts, Sandwiches
Was looking for coffee cake and this place came up in the search. I have found the replacement for Krispy Kreme donuts and it's here! Glazed donut as well...
Fabio On Fire

Fabio On Fire 4.5 star rating

Food Trucks, Pizza, Italian
So, the name got my attention, the menu got my interest, and the food got my vote. OMG this place is amazing. Coming from an Italian family from NYC, i...
Poke Bar

Poke Bar 4.5 star rating

Poke Bar F R E S H F R E S H F R E S H ENUF Said Except maybe D E L I C I O U S Choices are as expected presentation is spot on And. Fresh and...

Chick-fil-A 4.5 star rating

Fast Food
Would I recommend: Yes! I do recommend this place! What I got: Now since I'm vegetarian i usually get a shake and waffle fries. I recently tried their...
Bubba's 33

Bubba's 33 4.5 star rating

Américain traditionnel
Awesome service from Mackenzie! She knew the menu so well, and brought some sweet cocktails to us. Sweet server! Great food! loved the drinks yum yum...
In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger 4 star rating

Hamburgers, Fastfood
I finally did it. I got to try the infamous In n Out. As an east coaster this is a great accomplishment that warranted a posting on every single social...