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City Guide for Prague, Czech Republic
Fun things to do in Prague, Czech Republic.


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La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise 5 star rating

For my birthday I picked this restaurant to celebrate. We flew to Prague, ate some sausages and had some beer, but this was a highlight of the trip. They...

Alriso 5 star rating

Lemon lemonade very lemony Strawberry lemonade very raspberry-y Food good and hardy. 100% gluten free spaghetti carbonara was lit Lasagna was...
Art&Food Had

Art&Food Had 5 star rating

Art Galleries, Czech
Absolutely fantastic place. Great food. Great wine. Great design and music. The staff is really extremely competent, friendly and enthusiastic. One of the...

Argument 5 star rating

Coffee & Tea, Barbeque
An amazing restaurant located in Prague 6. Very pleasant atmosphere with interesting gourmet meals for reasonable price. This place is just perfect for any...
Aquarius Restaurant

Aquarius Restaurant 5 star rating

Mediterranean, Czech, Italian
This place was amazing! The service was splendid. They came and asked "How are you?" many times during the meal, which made us feel special. We also got a...
Plzeňská restaurace U Bansethů

Plzeňská restaurace U Bansethů 5 star rating

Delicious!!! Best duck in Prague, served with cabbage and dumplings. Simply amazing food and great Pilsner Urquell. The duck is pure poetry. No English...
Klub Pohoda

Klub Pohoda 5 star rating

Loved it. Great service. Spectacular food. Also they were great with our kids. First dinner and everyone (all 18 of us) loved it.