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City Guide for Södertälje, Sweden
Fun things to do in Södertälje, Sweden.

Popular Venues in Södertälje

Södertälje Fotbollsarena

Syrianska FC
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Top Restaurants

Kauro's Sushibar Kyoto

Kauro's Sushibar Kyoto 4.5 star rating

Sushi Bars, Japanese
Vaut un détour. I stopped in for a late Monday lunch around 1pm, right after a woman from Romania who was just asking if the signs were saying she could or...
La Vecchia Cantina

La Vecchia Cantina 4.5 star rating

Amazing Italian food. I was in town for a week and ate here twice because the food was just that good. The first night I had the steak with gorgonzola...

Caesars 4.5 star rating

Italian, American (Traditional)
This place is apparently also called Ceasar's American and Italian Kitchen. It is below the McDonalds on the canal. I've eaten here twice now and both...
Barolo Ristorante

Barolo Ristorante 4 star rating

Classy place. Food I had was good and the service was good.

Gabo's 4 star rating

Full House

Full House 4 star rating

Proof that appearances can be deceiving... From the outside, Full House probably doesn't look too inviting. The inside is non-descript as well. However, we...