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City Guide for Taichung, Taiwan
Fun things to do in Taichung, Taiwan.


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包心菜實驗廚房 5 star rating

Italian, Sandwiches, Mediterranean
This restaurant really knows what they are doing. It's one of the rarely seen un-pretentious restaurants in Taichung. (Pretentious meaning the ones has...
A-bao House

A-bao House 5 star rating

Breakfast & Brunch
Great place to grab breakfast in the morning. We ordered and they got our food out really fast. Everything tasted wonderful! I really enjoyed the fried pork...

冰河咖啡 5 star rating

I first learned about Glacier in an issue of Compass Magazine and knew I had to check it out! Owners Hans Chen and wife Ann opened Glacier a little over a...

印度先生 4.5 star rating

Yay a business I did not have to add. I loved it. It was as others put authentic. Also the staff were very accomodating and friendly. They allowed me to...

五花馬水餃館 4 star rating

Dim Sum
I dont know how anyone gave this less than five stars. 1) IT HAS A/C! On a warm day like today that was greatly appreciated. 2) The staff are kind and...