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AEW Rampage

  • anonymous
    United Center
    AEW Rampage
  • Michelob Ultra Arena, section: 208, row: B, seat: 2
    AEW rampage
  • Petersen Events Center, section: L204, row: A, seat: 16
    AEW Rampage
    It's a better view than this picture shows. You can see all of the action clearly, as well as the entrances. The legroom is decent and the seats are comfortably wide despite no padding.
  • anonymous 5 star wrestling seat view
    Addition Financial Arena, section: 105, row: E, seat: 13
  • anonymous 5 star wrestling seat view
    UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, section: 330, row: 2, seat: 2
    AEW Rampage
    Great view! Right next to the entrance
  • AEW Rampage

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  • United Center, section: 104, row: 4, seat: 15-16
    Aew rampage vs the first dance
  • anonymous 3 star wrestling seat view
    United Center, section: 102, row: 13, seat: 1
    AEW Rampage
    Great view. By concessions, restrooms, and merchandise.
  • anonymous 5 star wrestling seat view
    Petersen Events Center, section: L225, row: A
    AEW Rampage
    Great view!!!