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Melanie Martinez

  • Riviera Theatre, section: GA, row: GA, seat: GA
    Melanie Martinez tour: The K-12 Tour
    No zoom. Got there pretty early, was about 10ft away from barricade. Riviera Theatre has pretty good view all around.
  • REBEL, section: GA
    Melanie Martinez tour: K-12 Tour
    Was against left barricade
  • Hollywood Palladium, section: GA, row: 3
    Melanie Martinez tour: K-12 Tour
    so so good , waited hours for this spot but 10/10 recommend
  • anonymous 2 star concert seat view
    Orpheum Theatre (Boston), section: Balcony L, row: D, seat: 111
    Melanie Martinez tour: K-12 Tour
    That bar is horrible. Impossible to see with it in the way