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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the photos and videos come from?


All the photos here have been shared by other fans, either from their iPhone, Android or through our website.

Is there quality control?


Yes. All photos and videos are screened to make sure they are family safe. Non-family friendly content are permanently removed and never show up in the library.

How long before my photo or video shows up?


Your photos will show up in "Your Photos" immediately. They show up for everyone else after they are approved, usually within a few minutes.

How can I add a venue, team, concert, show, ect?


Just share a photo or video and let us know where it's from. We will take care of the rest.

Why can't I find my photo or video?


You can find all of your photos immediately in the "My Photos" page. Once approved, it will show up everywhere else. This usually happens within a few minutes.

What do I get for sharing my photos?

In addition to earning trophies, you can get featured on the front of the site and receive thanks in the form of High Fives, from fellow community members. You also get the satisfaction of helping your community of fellow fans by sharing your thoughts about your view.

My photos say they are being uploaded anonymously.


You need to Log In or Create A Profile to receive credit for your photos and videos. Both iPhone and Android will remember your previous photos. You can create a new profile after uploading a photo, and they will be moved to your profile retroactively.

How do I edit a photo or video?


On the web, go to your dashboard. You'll see an edit button with each of your photos.

In the iPhone or Android app, visit your "My Photos" page. You'll see an edit button with each photo.

Do you collect or share any of my personal information?


No. We do not collect or share any personal information ever. Creating a profile simply gives us a way to associate the photos that you share with you. However, you can always remain completely anonymous.

Are my photos ever updated?


To maintain this library, it sometimes becomes necessary to update the section, row or seat info of a photo. This can happen when a venue has been renovated or sections have been renamed, and we can make a direct correlation between a previous section, row and seat and the new section, row and seat.

When this happens we will change the information so that previously shared photos and videos are still helpful and accurate. These photos will display a message saying that their original information has been updated.