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Baseball Roadtrips 2021 - Nine Vacations from June - September

September’s Excursions

The Home Run Baseball Trip

September 14th - 19th

The home run of baseball road trips is happening the week of sept 14-20. It’s the only time this season that you’ll get to see six different major league teams play in 6 consecutive day.

It starts in DC and finishes in Boston; after about 8ish driving hours, over 6 days, north along 95. If you doin’t want to put up with the GW or city traffic and parking, take the Northeast Corridor Amtrak line. You’ll see 9 different teams in the tops and bottom of the innings; the Phillies, Yankees and Orioles are the away team for three of the games.

Travel Details:

Washington D.C.

6 Nights


Nationals Ballpark, Camden Yards, Citizens Bank, Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park


It's all baseball


September 14th - 19th

Day 1 - Nationals Park

September 14th, 7:05pm - Nationals vs Marlins

Sitting up high, in the shade, with a breeze, and a lovely sun-set view is the perfect way to start the trip.

From Red22jlj's 5-star seat above the Marlins' away dugout, you'll be able to see all action when the Nats' first pitch flies at 7:05.

~Red22jlj sec 409 row D seat 7

Day 2 - Oriole Park at Camden Yards

September 15th, 6:35pm - Orioles vs Yankees

~aHonInBaltimore sec 13 row 1 seat 11

After a 40 mile trek north it's time to enjoy the Orioles' 6:35 game against the Yankees on the 15th.

We've picked @aHonInBaltimore's great seat, past Baltimore's dugout on the first base line, because it'll be in the shade & you have the great infield view.

Driving from Nationals Park to Camden Yards, 38 miles

Day 3 - Citizens Bank Park

September 16th, 6:05pm - Phillies vs Cubs

~Damien sec 130 row 21 seat 10

Drive from Camden Yards to Citizens Bank Park, 100 miles

There's plenty of time to bask in the glory of a John's Roast Pork before catching the Phillies' first pitch, at 6:05, to the Cubs.

We like Damien's spot because it's fun to watch the Phils run around 3rd, & infront of the away dugout, before scoring.

Day 4 - Citi Field

September 17th, 7:10pm - Mets vs Phillies

Drive from Citizens Bank Park to Citi Field, 117 miles

~John Prignano sec 108 row 24 seat 2

The next two games are two hours north in NYC.

The first features the Mets, facing the Phils, at 7:10 on the 17th.

We picked JohnPrignano's "Great view" because the Mets' dugout is to the left, the row has two seats, & you might get to see the sun set.

Day 5 - Yankee Stadium

September 18th, 1:05pm - Yankees vs Indians

~Ram Man sec 216 row 7 seat 15

Drive from Citi Field to Yankee Stadium, 10 miles

Next up is the Yankees' 1:05 game on Sept 18th.

Ram Man's "Fabulous seat", behind first base, is perfect for a day game in the Bronx because it's shady, & behind NYY's dugout.

Boston plays at 1pm the next day so we suggest heading north after this game.

Day 6 - Fenway Park

September 19th, 1:10pm - Red Sox vs Orioles

~waz35 sec Loge Box 137 row NN seat 9

We're finishing up the Home Run Baseball Roadtrip at Fenway.

Waz35's brilliant view will be perfect for the Red Sox's 1:10 first pitch to the Orioles. Baltimore's away dugout is on the left, home plate in front, and the shade is over head.

Driving from Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park, 203 miles

Margaritaville with Georgia on my Mind

September 14th - 18th

Our final trip is a flexible one that explores the Atlanta, the geography that surrounds I-75S, and Florida.

We’ve started the trip off with the first game of the Gwinnett Stripers’, the Braves’ AAA team, final home stand of the season during and then it moves to Truist Park for a Braves' game. The next day and a half is about getting to Tampa and includes either a quick hike around or a night of camping at Suwannee River State Park; you’ve just gotta be at the Rays’ game 7:10 game on September 17th. Then on the 18th you can drive the 4 hours south to Miami and catch a Marlins’ game (at 6:10), or a Hurricane’s game (TBD), or just chill. If you didn’t catch the Marlins the night before can go to their 1:10 game on Sunday the 19th or there is a possibility that the Dolphins’ are playing at home. If there is a Phins' game and you go to the Hurricanes game, you can see the Marlins on the 20th at 6:40. Lots of opportunities here.

Travel Details:


5 Nights


Truist Field, Tropicana Ballpark, Marlins ParkCoolray Field


Suwannee River State Park


September 14th - 18th

Day 1 - Coolray Field

September 14th, 7:05pm - Strippers vs Sound

For the first game of the Stripers' final homestand, on Sept 14th at 7:05 against the Sound, we thought 4nsicguy's behind homeplate seat would be a nice and relaxing way to start the road trip.

Travel Notes

Family Value Game $2 Dogs & $1 Dessert

~4nsicguy sec 102 row S seat 9

Day 2 - Truist Park

September 15th, 7:20pm - Braves vs Rockies

~Dtrain640 sec 144 row 9 seat 1

Dtrain640's excellent front row view is our recommended seat for the Braves' 7:20 game on the 19th.

If it's drizzling you'll be under an awning, plus you'll be behind the Rockies' away bullpen and Ozuna in the top of the inning.

Driving from Nationals Park to Camden Yards, 38 miles

Day 3 - Driving Day

September 16th, Atlanta to Tampa Bay

The next day, Sept 16th, is filled with a lovely drive down 75S with a stop at Suwannee River State Park.

You can do a leg stretching hike around or set up camp because the Rays' game on the 17th is at 7:10 and the park is only 3 hours north.

Driving from Truist Park to Suwannee River State Park to Tropicana Field, 507 miles

Day 4 - Tropicana Field

September 17th, 7:10 - Rays vs Tigers

~Roodsta72 sec 129 row FF seat 23

For our stop in Tampa, we're highlighting the 5-star view Roodsta72 had at Game 3 of the 2019 ALDS when the Rays up crushed Houston 10-3.

For our game, at 7:10 on the 17th, the Tigers' away dugout will be to your left & their bullpen in front of you..

Day 5 - Marlins Park

September 18th, 6:10pm - Marlins vs Pirates

Drive from Citizens Bank Park to Citi Field, 117 miles

~rworkman83 sec 9 row 4 seat 16

The final stop of our final trip is Miami, the possible Marlins' games are Sept 18th - 20th.

We picked ryancworkman's great seat because it's: shady if the roof is open, fun to be near 1st, "Directly even with pitchers mound", & behind the away dugout.