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  • Booth Theatre, section: MEZZ C, row: A, seat: 112
    Freestyle Love Supreme
    For someone who is 6'2, this seat was GREAT and had the perfect amount of leg room! NOTE: I took this pic right on top of my face, so this really is your view!
  • Majestic Theatre, section: Rear Mezzanine LC, row: A, seat: 101
    The Phantom Of The Opera
    Such a GREAT view of the stage, but I was not a fan of the seats. I'm 6'2 and felt like a sardine! As soon as you sit, it's a pain to get back up.
  • Paper Mill Playhouse, section: Mezz Box, row: D, seat: 3
    Songs For A New World
    Best seats in the house! For a big guy like me (6'2) the seats are a little tight, but the bit of extra leg room helps!
  • Paper Mill Playhouse, section: Mezzanine L, row: JJ, seat: 19
    Unmasked: The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber
    The very last row of the theater, has a little bit of extra leg room compared to the other rows!
  • Paper Mill Playhouse, section: Mezzanine L, row: JJ, seat: 5
    Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
    Seats are tight, but a good view! (LAST ROW)
  • Longacre Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: E, seat: 104
    The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical
    Really great seat! I'm 6'2 and was comfortable!

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  • August Wilson Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: E, seat: 20
    Mean Girls
    For a person who was 6'2 the seat wasn't all that bad.....but I did have to cross my legs at some points in order to avoid leg cramps
  • St. James Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: K, seat: 28
    Lottery seats that are listed as Partial view, they really mean it! You miss 1/4 of the show. But most of the important scenes are downstage.
  • Music Box Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: L, seat: 16
    Dear Evan Hansen
    Seats were a little tight (I'm 6'2) but didn't take away from the amazing show that unfolded in front of me!!
  • Circle in the Square Theatre, section: Orchestra 100 (Odd), row: K, seat: 111
    Once On This Island
    Beautiful show, seats were incredible! Last row of the theater but is most likely the best seat in the house! No matter how tall the person is in front of you, the head does not obstruct the view of the stage!
  • Paper Mill Playhouse, section: R mezz, row: HH, seat: 24
    The Color Purple
    Great sight lines! Can't see the actors faces, and leg room is a little tight for anyone above 6'2
  • Belasco Theatre, section: Mezzanine C, row: A, seat: 112
    Gettin' The Band back Together
    I'm 6'2, the bar was just covering the bottom part of the stage...missed a tiny bit of the show, this is one of the best shows I've seen!

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  • Brooks Atkinson Theatre, section: Rear mezzanine R, row: G, seat: 2
    Amazing seat! So much legroom, for tall people like me this was one of the best seats on Broadway!!!!!
  • Paper Mill Playhouse, section: Mezzanine L, row: BB, seat: 21
    Mary Poppins
    Amazing seat! Much more leg room than the other seas in the section!
  • Tropicana Field, section: 147, row: T, seat: 4
    Tampa Bay Rays vs Kansas City Royals
    Great seats! Might need binoculars to see what is happening. During batting practice only people in the first row are allowed to be in the front row
  • Shubert Theatre, section: Balcony L, row: A, seat: 15
    Matilda the Musical
    The seat was amazing! You could see everything perfectly!
  • Lyceum Theatre (Broadway), section: Mezzanine l, row: D, seat: 1
    The Play That Goes wrong
    The seat was amazing! Saw it in Previews and goes the seat for $15! One of the best seas in the house!
  • Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: R, seat: 109
    Charlie And The chocolate factory
    Great seat! Leg room is amazing! The balcony just kits the top of the stage, full view!
  • St. James Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, row: A, seat: 17
    Something Rotten!
    Really close to the stage! You can see the actors facial expressions! The last seat in the row can be a little tight for those over 6'0
  • Palace Theatre (Broadway), section: Mezz, row: G, seat: 5
    The SpongeBob Musical
    Seats are awesome, you miss 1/4 of the show when you have a tall person or just a mover in front of you. Otherwise, really great seats! We went through Broadway Roulette and saved a lot of money!
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