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  • Nederlander Theatre (Chicago), section: LOGERC, row: D, seat: 330
    Dear Evan Hansen
    Full stage was visible. Acoustics weren't spectacular. Choose this row if you're short. Safety bars obstructed visibility for rows A-C in loge
  • CIBC Theatre, section: DCRL, row: A, seat: 1
    Great seats. Can't go wrong
  • United Center, section: 111, row: 10, seat: 6
    Florence and The Machine
    Not great, not terrible
  • CIBC Theatre, section: MEZZRC, row: E, seat: 10
    Photo with no zoom: Able to see entire stage
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Dress circle-E, row: A, seat: 2
    Fantastic seats
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, row: A, seat: 4
    Very minimal parts of the play were missed due to an obstruction view of the stage. But, would recommend.
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: A, seat: 12
    Great seats! Miss minimal parts occurring on the far right of the stage. If you're willing to miss these minor seats, then these are worth the price.
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: 6, seat: 8
    So close you can see the artists spitting. The only drawback if that it's too close to see the choreography. But, no complaints. Feeling like you're part of the play by far exceeds anything that might be missed
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Balcony L, row: B, seat: 1
    The safety bar in the lower right corner obstructed 1/3 of the stage. If you're tall, this won't be a problem. If you're 5'4 or under, this will be a problem
  • Chicago Theatre, section: MNFL3R, row: CC, seat: 302
    Brandi Carlile
  • Chicago Theatre, section: MNFL3R, row: CC, seat: 304
    Brandi Carlile