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  • Broadhurst Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, row: D, seat: 1 & 3
    This photo was taken from head level from seat 3. As you can see, there are a couple heads in the way, but the Broadhurst Theatre is set up so well that it rarely bothered me throughout the show. I only had to move in between heads a couple times to see action at the front of the stage. Most of the show is upstage or in the middle so visibility wasn't a problem. Good seats overall that were more affordable than getting front of balcony.
  • James M. Nederlander Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: A, seat: 114-115
    An American in Paris
    The first thing I noticed about these seats was the lack of leg room. I incorrectly assumed that being in the front row would be spacious, but you are right up against a red curtained wall that separates your legs from the orchestra pit. (See pic) So it's a bit of a tight squeeze but once you're in, you have a fantastic view. If you love seeing set and costume details and facial emotions, the front row is for you. Because you are over to the side, you can see slightly in to the wings, but that didn't prove to be a distraction at all for us. (But I personally like seeing how things work) If you need leg room, I'd suggest going a few seats over and get the first row on the side.
  • Cadillac Palace Theater, section: Dress Circle FL, row: LL, seat: 5
    These tickets were labeled "obstructed view" and discounted because of that. We were pleasantly surprised upon arrival. The view was great! The Ticketmaster map is off...it makes row MM look like the front of the Left Dress Circle when actually row LL is. So based on the Ticketmaster seat map, this seat is actually about where MM 13 is labeled to be. I'd highly recommend this seat. Great view for the price. The only thing you miss is the far side of Stage Right (House Left). Essentially, all you are missing are the decorative side curtains. In the photo, you'll see speakers hanging from the balcony that minimally obstruct the top of the proscenium. But those proved inconsequential to the view since most of all the action is on the stage. One more thing of note, since the seat is at the front of the dress circle and right before it starts to curve around, there is an excessive amount of leg room. I had room to put my bag on the floor and plenty of room to cross my legs/stretch a bit/wiggle (5'8" with long legs for reference) Overall, great seats. You'll be pleased with this view/price.