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  • Marquis Theatre, section: Orchestra Right, row: Q, seat: 13
    LOTTO!! Amazing seat, leg room is a bit limited though and I'm only 5' 3.5 ish"
  • Winter Garden Theatre, section: Mezz R, row: B, seat: 8, 10
    4.5 if I could. Felt the slightest bit far back, but you could really see everything.
  • Gershwin Theatre, section: Mezz, row: DD, seat: 8
    This is the biggest Broadway Theatre. We thought it would be close, but because of the size, it was still pretty far back. Wouldn't sit here again. Hard to make out faces. Still not the worst seat in the house though.
  • Lyceum Theatre (Broadway), section: Orch, row: M
    Be More Chill
    Seats are tight, but not too bad while watching the show itself. Row 13.
  • Lyceum Theatre (Broadway), section: Orch, row: O
    Be More Chill
    Last row in Orchestra. Super small theatre, so not to shabby. Seats are super tight, but didn't find that too bothering while watching the show.
  • Broadway Theatre - 53rd Street, section: Orch, row: C
    King Kong
    Absolutely gorillable. Tight seat, but being super close the stage, was amazing.

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  • August Wilson Theatre, section: Orch, row: C, seat: 9
    Mean Girls
    Missed a couple ensemble members at points.
  • Hudson Theatre, section: Orch, row: A, seat: 114
    Head Over Heels
    Obstructed be the stage itself. Overall... wow. $40 rush
  • Astor Place Theatre, section: Mezz, row: A
    Blue Man Group
    Couldn't be better! Interaction, great view etc...
  • New Amsterdam Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: D
    Great seats!! Near front and you can see everything!
  • St. James Theatre, section: Balcony, row: A, seat: 103
    Frozen , on Broadway
    Great seats. The only bad thing is that we kind of had to lean over to see the whole stage. Best option if you want to sit in the balcony to save money.
  • St. James Theatre, section: Balcony, row: E, seat: 4
    Frozen , on Broadway
    Too far back. Can't see faces well. No obstruction. Binoculars recommended.