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  • Ahmanson Theatre, section: Rear Orchestra, row: Y, seat: 3
    Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella
  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: WW, seat: 13
    Hello, Dolly!
    Not bad of a view
  • Palace Theatre (Broadway), section: Mezz, row: AA, seat: 2
    Spongebob Squarepants
    Great seats. Right in front of railing. Can see the actors' face and everything.
  • August Wilson Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: C, seat: 101
    Mean Girls
    Amazing seats! See all the action on the stage.
  • St. James Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: P, seat: 15
    Okay seat. Don't miss much of the action. Don't get to see some of the projection when it occurs at the top of the stage. Overall decent seat for the price.
  • Gershwin Theatre, section: ORCHST, row: Q, seat: 1
    Love these seats! They have ample leg room as you right in front of a walkway. Also can see all of the action onstage. Truly a great seat at a fraction of what it costs to sit center orch.

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  • Hudson Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: A, seat: 101
    Head Over Heels
    Decent seats if you are tall enough. I am 5'10" and I had to look up to see the action going on. Granted, these are RUSH tickets so I did pay at a discount. You do see everything going on on stage though. Very good for the price.
  • Broadhurst Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: B, seat: 13
    Lottery seats. View was okay when actors were center stage. If they were on stage right, could not see anything that was going on. Can't complain for lotto seats.
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Mezzanine LC, row: J, seat: 303
    Decent seats. Saw all the action on the stage