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Event Type: allwwe
  • Wells Fargo Center, section: 113, row: 11, seat: 1
    Monday Night Raw
    Best seats are in the section. Great view of everything.
  • Wells Fargo Center, section: 113, row: 2, seat: 10
    Monday Night RAW
    Great view, and better than being on the floor. It is however really cramped and there are no physical numbers on the seats so it was a mess at first.
  • Wells Fargo Center, section: 102, row: 11, seat: 8
    Seat is amazing, such a good view of the stage and entrance screens.
  • Prudential Center, section: 7, row: 22, seat: 1
    Extreme Rules 2016
    Great seats, close to the bathrooms, and bar in this section.rnOne gripe with sitting on a aisle seat is a lot of people are walking up and down the steps constantly. Very active area.
  • Wells Fargo Center, section: 113, row: 17, seat: 12
    Perfect view, dead center, and right near the exits.