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The Self-Titled Tour (2013-2014)

  • Madison Square Garden, section: 105, row: 16, seat: 19
    Paramore tour: The Self-Titled Tour
  • anonymous
    5 star concert seat view
    BB&T Pavilion, section: 103, row: R, seat: 1
    Paramore tour: The Self-Titled Tour
    I feel like all the seats in the 100 section even row Z are very good!! I'm in row R and this is how close I was. You can easily see the standing pit from here, even the stage.
  • hammerstein ballroom, section: 104, row: 1, seat: 15
    Paramore tour: The Self-Titled Tour
    The photo is zoomed in with a phone, but these seats weren't bad at all... BEST CONCERT.