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Sometime Last Night Tour (2015)

  • Fox Theater Pomona, section: Pit, row: Pit, seat: Pit
    R5 tour: Sometime Last Night Tour
    Amazing Seats, I love seeing them
  • The Mann, section: ORCH A Left, row: 5
    R5 tour: Sometime Last Night tour
    good seat, would've liked to be in the pit section but this was a good view. it got REALLY HOT in this section though. hotter than any other venue i've been to.
  • anonymous
    5 star concert seat view
    Stage AE, section: General Admission Pit, row: N/A, seat: N/A
    R5 tour: Sometime Last Night Tour
  • anonymous
    4 star concert seat view
    Fraze Pavilion, section: D, row: E, seat: 3
    Jacob Whitesides tour: Sometime Last Night Tour
    Excellent view of the show from here!