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Floor Level

This level is for concerts with the stage at the end.

  • AT&T Center, section: F2, row: 1
    Depeche Mode tour: Global Spirit Tour
    These seats were incredible!! I've been front row at other venues and a lot of times the view gets blocked by the equipment/speakers. I had a clear view the entire time and the sound was fantastic. Also had lots of places to eat/drink inside the venue.
  • anonymous
    AT&T Center, section: F3, row: 13, seat: 3
    Luke Bryan tour: That's My Kind of Night
  • anonymous 5 star concert seat view
    AT&T Center, section: F1, row: 17, seat: 5
    Selena Gomez tour: Stars Dance Tour
    let me just say that i got this seat only TWO days before the concert(at regular price) so that alone is really great. and the seat, as you can see, was great as well. like this pic is with no zoom whilst she was on her second stage.. so yeah. very pleased