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Al Hirschfeld Theatre » section Right Box » row C » seat 6

  • anonymous 5 star theater seat view
    Al Hirschfeld Theatre, section: Right Box, row: C, seat: 6
    Kinky Boots
    Lottery winner. Great seat ... right at the rail. I would not sit at any other seat in the boxes that isn't the rail seat because they are taller and I would not be comfortable. View was fantastic from any of the rail seats in this section
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre, section: Right box, row: C, seat: 8
    Kinky Boots
    Great lottery seats!
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre, section: RIGHT BOX, row: C, seat: 9
    Kinky Boots
    I won the Kinky Boots lottery and saw a lot of mixed reviews about these box seats. While you are at an angle, the seats are awesome! When booking it says this is an obstructed view, but I can’t say I missed a thing and the show was amazing!!