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  • Allen Event Center, section: Floor, row: A, seat: 11
    Ladies Of The 80's
    This was such a fun show! I love being so close to the stage. Cons: The lighting seemed way off. A lot of times when I was taking pics, it made the artist's face white. Also seemed the bass or volume was way too high on some of the sets. Other than that, great show!
  • anonymous
    Allen Event Center, section: 119, row: D, seat: 12
    Ticketmaster says the solo seat is D1, but at the venue it's D12.
  • Allen Event Center, section: 106, row: A, seat: 18
    Peter Frampton
  • anonymous 4 star concert seat view
    Allen Event Center, section: Floor/Pit, row: N/A, seat: N/A
    Twenty One Pilots tour: Emotional Roadshow World Tour
    Good venue!