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Section Stalls

Jay1968 May 6, 2023

Lots of legroom. Great view. Seat is quite cramped.

44 star  seat view
calebmckeating Mar 18, 2023

Great view. Very close and accessible to get to and around the theatre.

Cathryn Mar 1, 2023

Great seats. Enough legroom to be comfortable, great view of the stage and the refurbishment has made it much easier for Access customers.

55 star  seat view
Hothedgehog Feb 10, 2023

Great view - no obstruction from the balcony overhang and a good rake to see over those in front of you. Seat was comfy, enough leg room and not too tightly packed in.

55 star  seat view
sheppardnik Sep 30, 2022

This older theater has great views throughout. Leg room was a little tight and the old AC system was trying it's best but it's pretty humid in there in the summertime.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Jul 11, 2022

maybe one of the best seats i’ve had for a theatre show. the seats were comfier than most, leg room was insanely good!!! (i’m 6ft too) and the view of the stage was incredible.

55 star  seat view
VickyM Mar 10, 2022

Good leg room. Great view as the seats are 'brickwork' style. I'm short and had a great view. Only a very slight view obstruction on the extreme left of stage due to being on the end of the row, but so minimal.

44 star  seat view
bennykill Oct 27, 2021

Good view even from the back. Overhang from the circles does block the top of the stage but didn't effect the show at all

44 star  seat view

Section Circle

Vickf3246 Mar 19, 2023

Very good view but seats are so small barely any leg room, lucky its aisle seat so I could turn legs out but very uncomfortable lucky it was only 1 hr show!

22 star  seat view
anonymous Mar 18, 2023

Good view of the stage - A bar is in front of the eyes so a lot of moving about to see the action happening on stage without restriction.

33 star  seat view
mielambert Jul 9, 2022

Great view of entire stage. Not that much leg room if you have long legs.

44 star  seat view
Harvey27 Apr 24, 2022

Great view from these seats

44 star  seat view
anonymous Nov 18, 2021

Great view. Quite limited legroom - I’m 5’4” and it’s ok but any taller and I would be uncomfortable. The row behind has tons of legroom though so if you’re tall go for that!

44 star  seat view
MBH21 Feb 12, 2021

Not a bad seat for a cheapie.

22 star  seat view
ohnoron Feb 15, 2020

Great view from this seat, not much leg room but is on the aisle

44 star  seat view
ohnoron Feb 15, 2020

Very good view but very limited leg room

44 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 15, 2020

Great view, limited leg room

44 star  seat view