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Section Orchestra L

anonymous May 27, 2023

View is a little slanted but not missing much. Rush tickets were a great deal.

55 star  seat view
Dukes2021 May 13, 2023

I was late to the show so couldn’t take a photo before hand but no obstructions at all, full view of the stage. Aisle Seat.

55 star  seat view
EricCol Apr 17, 2023

Great seat, nothing was missed.

55 star  seat view
andrewsmash Mar 6, 2023

Lottery ticket - Overall a great seat! You didn't really miss anything from being so far on the side.

44 star  seat view

Section Orchestra

anonymous May 26, 2023

Great aisle seat

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra R

BanditCort May 25, 2023

This is with a zoom aspect which was not needed.

55 star  seat view
BanditCort May 25, 2023

Good seats. Good view. No blind spots

55 star  seat view
jyn11 May 19, 2023

Great seats from TDF. Everything is in full view.

55 star  seat view
nicksock May 11, 2023

PHENOMAL legroom! By far the best on Broadway! Furthest right seat; it's not an obstructed view, but some things are blocked by actors and your neck will hurt from turning it, but would sit here again!

44 star  seat view
chri2nyc Mar 28, 2023

View was great, but sound could've been better which could have more to do with how the performers were mic'd up because it was hard to catch all words. It didn't help that this was pretty close to the side of the theatre next to the street so passerbys and traffic right outside the theatre causing a disc traction sometimes. Overall great sightlines.

44 star  seat view

Section Orchestra C

erlcoaster May 18, 2023

Incredible view for a brilliant show. This was a $39 rush ticket as well, so excellent value. Highly recommend the seat and show!!

55 star  seat view
Broadway1074 May 14, 2023

Digital Rush. Stage is low so you have a great full view! Actors interact with you a lot. Great seat!

Obijuan1 Apr 30, 2023

The last few rows of orchestra are a bit elevated and have complete view of stage. Great show.

55 star  seat view
hermesthefish235 Apr 30, 2023

Incredible view and very comfortable!

55 star  seat view
VinceND Apr 28, 2023

Perfect seat! Even if someone is tall is in front of you, you'll be so close to the stage it doesn't matter.

55 star  seat view
CirqueAmy Apr 9, 2023

Amazing seat! Stage is at eye level, seat is on the aisle, can make eye contact with cast, and even have interactions with them.

55 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine

anonymous May 15, 2023

Rush seat from TodayTix. Honestly one of the best seats in the house for a steal.

55 star  seat view
noahseestheatre May 11, 2023

Great view, wonderful sight lines

55 star  seat view
anonymous May 3, 2023

Good view - no real obstruction. Theatre itself feels newer/nicer, has elevators, etc. Mezzanine has no mid-row aisles - each mezzanine row has 20-25 seats straight across.

55 star  seat view
iampaulsteven Mar 25, 2023

Close to center of the row. It's a long row, so handle your business before the show. You will piss people off if you try to get up during the performance. Stadium seating is a huge plus.

44 star  seat view
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