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Section Circle

samanamz Oct 27, 2022

Really good seat for the price. Only slight downside was couldn't see front of stage left but when leaning over could see. Leg room was good for tall person.

44 star  seat view
dobby9623 May 24, 2022

Perfect Seats

55 star  seat view
pmealing Jul 6, 2019

Excellent view

55 star  seat view

Section Stalls

RedTig Apr 30, 2022

Just wanted to show the seats with plenty of leg room!

55 star  seat view
RedTig Apr 30, 2022

Really good seats, no seats in front of you so plenty of leg rooms. View could be obstructed slightly if tall person in seat above B16. Stage not too high so even though near front you get full stage view. Maybe lose a little of the left hand side of the stage as you look at it. Probably some of the best seats thanks to the leg room.

55 star  seat view
JulesC52 Mar 6, 2022

Brilliant set - just off the centre

55 star  seat view
anonymous Mar 18, 2020

Perfect seat! Right in the center and amazing view!

55 star  seat view
jessbuswell6 Sep 23, 2019

so close to the stage, you could touch it

reissmeister Feb 12, 2019

Good view. Balcony overhang cut off top. For this show it didn't matter but may do for others!

44 star  seat view

Section Left slip

anonymous Apr 24, 2022

Listed as restricted view because of the lighting bar, but barely covers anything, only very left of the stage is hidden. Have to turn slightly, but very good seat for the price.

44 star  seat view

Section Circle Slips Left

LMNCP Mar 8, 2020

Great seats just need to lean forward a bit.

55 star  seat view