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Section Orchestra R

anonymous Jan 31, 2023

Pretty great seat! You can miss things happening on the far-right side of the stage, but it’s not huge deal. And it’s nice being on the aisle

55 star  seat view
Eye81 Jan 25, 2023

Funny girl amazing view

55 star  seat view
Eye81 Jan 25, 2023

Even side is amazing . Lea Michele center or on the even side the most . Don’t sit anything past seat 10 . Those are very limited view. With pole and speaker blocking view . Also when some actors are on top it’s blocked to see.

55 star  seat view
Eye81 Jan 25, 2023

Funny girl seat 10 and 12 perfect view . Do not sit 14-16

55 star  seat view
Eye81 Jan 25, 2023

Limited view seat . Pole next you . When some actors are above you can’t see during funny girl

11 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine L

emt103c Jan 29, 2023

Good seat, could see and hear well

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jan 7, 2023

Fabulous seats. We had A9 and A11.

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra C

VinceND Jan 27, 2023

Perfect seat

55 star  seat view
nicksock Jan 13, 2023

Awesome seat! Absolutely zero complaints. Julie Benko singing this close literally left me breathless and speechless.

55 star  seat view
Broadway1074 Dec 26, 2022

The seat was way better than I was expecting! I could see the actors' faces pretty clearly. The overhang barely got in your way. The only time it does it for a few seconds when they are up on stairs but you can still see them if you lean forward. I would sit here again

nicolevasconcelos Dec 21, 2022

There were times when I wished I was a little further back so I could have a better overall view, but when Lea Michele came right up to where I was sitting and belted her heart out, I knew the front row seat was worth it. Not to mention getting confetti'd was amazing.

55 star  seat view
mcmentor Dec 10, 2022

Great seat in terms of not missing anything but highly recommend Rose G-K in this theater. G is when rows start to incline and where you will see above stage without having to crane neck.

anonymous Dec 10, 2022

Amazing seat!

55 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine R

anonymous Jan 3, 2023

Great view with no obstructions

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra L

sgtoca Dec 27, 2022

Lil to the left but you miss nothing and clear view of facial expressions

elv1579 Dec 14, 2022

This seat is listed as a companion seat so there is slightly more arm room on the left next to the handicapped seat. Great view, I could see everything perfectly.

55 star  seat view
anonymous Dec 4, 2022

Fantastic seats! A little hard to see the right side of the stage if you're short and the person in front of you is tall, but overall a great spot!

55 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine C

Dukes2021 Dec 22, 2022

Very good view. Can see facial expressions (sometimes). This view is obstructed. Cannot see the word UNION during Don’t Rain On My Parade. Otherwise, can see the whole stage and set. VERY TIGHT LEGROOM.

55 star  seat view
seatviewer17 Dec 19, 2022

View is pretty good for being second to last row. Leg room almost nonexistent and seats are small. Everyone is squished together. Discomfort of seats almost takes away a little from performance. Wouldn't recommend paying too much for seats.

33 star  seat view
anonymous Dec 1, 2022

Good view, however the seats are uncomfortable with very little leg room

44 star  seat view
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