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Section Orchestra

MyTheatreWeekend Oct 20, 2021

This theatre has a row AA and BB, so row A is the 3rd row which was perfect.rnAisle Seat, good leg room.

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra C

Annika Sep 22, 2021

Perfect seat you're so close to the stage you can see everything clearly

55 star  seat view
anonymous Sep 5, 2021

Very close to the actors, which is very cool. The stage is very low (it was below the usher's waist) so your neck won't be too cramped.

44 star  seat view
barbsjemms Feb 11, 2020

Good seats. No overhang to block the view. My shortie 11yo said she had no problem seeing the stage. We paid a little more for these seats vs seats on the left a little closer. I don’t think I would choose that way again. Not worth the premium

44 star  seat view
robvs Jan 23, 2020

Lotto seats. Picked up at 4:30 on day of event. Dead center of orchestra. Good leg room. Tight seats on sides.

44 star  seat view
mcmentor Nov 27, 2019

I am normally not a fan of the first row, but the stage is not particularly high and you are set back due to the orchestra pit. The view was perfect and I would definitely choose this row again if I havethe opportunity

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra R

wallacebway0219 Aug 29, 2021

Perfect view!

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jan 25, 2020

Saw everything!

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jan 2, 2020

perfect seats, can see everything

55 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine C

anonymous Aug 11, 2021

Perfect distance from the stage with a full view.

55 star  seat view
jwright2 Dec 12, 2019

Last row of the mezzanine. May feel far away at first, but you get used to it quickly. Everything is in view, including what is on the screens behind the company, whose expressions may require binoculars to be seen for those who like a closer view.

4.54.5 star  seat view
anonymous Dec 6, 2019

Perfect seats. Perfect show.

55 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine R

lyndsay12 Mar 28, 2020

good seat, not much leg room but i just get up at intermission to stretch out and then i'm fine. definitely worth the low price ticket.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Dec 20, 2019

Great Seats! A bit far but no action missed. My view was not blocked at all as I sat first row of the rear mezzanine area. Mean girls is a great show!

44 star  seat view
anonymous Nov 23, 2019

Great seats!!

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra L

LCG21 Mar 8, 2020

Great seats. Off to the side but could see everything.

55 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 29, 2020

Good view! Might be considered partial view, but you really don’t miss much, other than a few actors facing the opposite direction!

55 star  seat view
JohnM1 Feb 7, 2020

Great seat for the price (got $129 tickets for $89 from Playbill).

55 star  seat view
myron2536 Jan 4, 2020

Decent seats -- right under the mezzanine overhang. More or less comfortable if a little on the narrow/tight side.

44 star  seat view

Section Orchestra Center

anonymous Jan 12, 2020

rushed tickets, such good seats!

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