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Section GA

Tlawl Sep 30, 2022

There are better clubs in LA. God help you if you are 5'9 or shorter.

22 star  seat view
Tlawl Sep 30, 2022

When d-bro oafs are not around "bro-ing" with each other it's okay. Not my favorite place. There are much better places in DTLA.

22 star  seat view
Tlawl Sep 30, 2022

Not my favorite place. The floor isn't great and the place is always infested with annoying fug Neanderthal oaf d-bros who just walk around all night trying to stand in front of you because that's what oafs do. I'm 6'1 and I was having problems. Avoid!

22 star  seat view
Tlawl Sep 29, 2022

Things are okay for now.

22 star  seat view
Tlawl Oct 2, 2019

Great show. GA was okay here.

33 star  seat view

Section Platinum Balcony

CherryAchi Nov 22, 2019

With padded seats and tables, railings are too high though that it impedes the view.

44 star  seat view