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anonymous Sep 29, 2021

Brilliant view , sadly cant remember the seat though

55 star  seat view

Section Stalls

anonymous Sep 19, 2021

Rake isn’t great so if you’re small you may get a head in the way but perfect distance from stage in my opinion

55 star  seat view
wendoxford Jul 27, 2017

Fabulous show...great venue for ballet. Seats not too crammed and great view/sound

44 star  seat view

Section stalls

anonymous Mar 4, 2020

Amazing show

55 star  seat view

Section Rear Stalls

anonymous Nov 1, 2019

Show was absolutely outstanding! Only the top part of the stage was cut off, however none of the performers went that high. They didnt exclude the back either! The ringmaster came right to the back and done magic tricks for my daughters preshow!

55 star  seat view
Mdtstar28 Jul 4, 2019

Good view, although slightly restricted by upper floor. I would sit here again for the price.

44 star  seat view


2degreesnorthwest Oct 28, 2019

Excellent view

55 star  seat view

Section Mid circle left

anonymous Jul 20, 2019

Usually sit central lower circle - but these seats are really great. No one in front. Plenty of legroom. And great clear view. Shall purchase again as a preference. Stage feels much closer than photo depicts.

44 star  seat view