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CIBC Theatre » section Directors Circle

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  • CIBC Theatre, section: Directors Circle, row: A, seat: 2
    The view from the first row in the Director's Circle is AMAZING! Really most seats in the Director's Circle are really great. However...if you are at all tall do not, I repeat DO NOT sit in row A. No leg room, couldn't appreciate the show fully because my husband and I were both so uncomfortable. We're both 6'1", but I'd say if you're 5'9" even and above I would avoid row A. There is plenty of room in the rows behind and seat 2 in all the other rows is almost completely open with no seat in front of it, so those would be the best if you're really tall.
  • anonymous 1 star theater seat view
    CIBC Theatre, section: Directors circle, row: B, seat: 205
    Hamilton was an amazing show but venue left much to be desired. Constantly looking around people to see the performance and still missed a lot. Most I have ever paid for tickets while having the worst seats I have ever had.
  • anonymous 4 star theater seat view
    CIBC Theatre, section: Directors Circle, row: E, seat: 238
    Fabulous seats. We could not see the heads of the people (on the right side) standing on the ledge. Not a huge problem though.