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CIBC Theatre
18 W Monroe St (between State St & Wabash Ave)
Chicago Illinois 60603 United States

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  • anonymous
    5 star theater seat view
    CIBC Theatre, section: ORCH-R, row: E, seat: 6
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Orch-R, row: L, seat: 18
    Great seat! It's close to the stage, almost at the end of the row. It is limited view though, So I missed the few moments performed on the right balcony section.
  • CIBC Theatre, section: ORCH-R, row: F, seat: 20
    I have seen Hamilton twice. The first time, I was in Row Z of the center orchestra. I will say that I was able to see more of the full stage from that seat, but I much preferred row F, even on the far right side like this. There were a couple of scenes that I knew I was missing because The speaking characters were obscured from my view, but the ability to see facial expressions outweighed that disadvantage. I also do not think that this seat was too close to the stage. I actually thought it was pretty perfect. If you have the money, of course spend it to sit more towards the center, but if you are looking to buy a seat that is in a more affordable price range, this Seat offers fabulous views for the money.