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Section Left Middle Balcony

anonymous Mar 19, 2023

Balcony has huge overhang so seats were very close to stage. Very steep rise w/no issues seeing over people in front of us.

55 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 20, 2023

Portion of the stage was blocked due to the speaker set up. Probably wouldn't buy these seats again unless further over to the middle.

33 star  seat view

Section CUBAL

Lotus Mar 17, 2023

Pretty good view. Obviously being far from the stage everyone was small but sound was good and there was no obstruction.

44 star  seat view

Section Right Orchestra

carlisle14 Feb 24, 2023

Horrible seats. Listed as obstructed view, but should be called zero view. Can't see anything.

11 star  seat view
carlisle14 Dec 19, 2022

Listed as obstructed view so getting what you paid for. You'll not see the back right corner of the stage action. I also was not a fan of being so close to the door in and out for patrons, as tons of folks were steadily going in and out for the restroom which caused noise and distractions. If you can afford to pay more, I'd get better seats.

22 star  seat view

Section Center orchestra

anonymous Feb 14, 2023

Great view although it was a little closer to the stage than needed. If the actors were lying down on the center of the stage you couldn’t always see them from here until they got up. Even still, great view of the show.

55 star  seat view

Section Center Orchestra

cinbad Feb 14, 2023

Very close to stage. Had to look up a bit.

55 star  seat view
cinbad Feb 14, 2023

Good central location and could look straight ahead. There would be a problem is someone tall sat in front.

55 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 11, 2023

Good central seat but overhang blocked sound and gave it a tunnel framing that made it feel more like watching a movie.

33 star  seat view
anonymous Nov 18, 2022

Amazing seats!

55 star  seat view
anonymous Nov 17, 2022

Great seat and view

55 star  seat view

Section Left Orchestra

anonymous Feb 12, 2023

E1 was a great seat with no view obstruction. E1-E5 are good but any further over your view is probably partially blocked by the wall and/or the sign language interpreters.

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jan 15, 2023

Just a tad bit too close to the stage. There were some cool staging moments I probably could’ve seen better from farther up but I had all the leg room I could want!

44 star  seat view
anonymous Dec 18, 2022

Great seat! Really good view and lots of leg room

55 star  seat view
rfrutch Nov 19, 2022

Very happy with this limited view seat. There were a few times I couldn't see a performer on the far left of the stage, but they always moved to the front where I had a perfect view. I felt it was a good value for the money and would get it again. My friend in 29 seemed to have a pretty good view too. 31 and 33 would definitely miss a little bit more, but probably still good seats due to the proximity to the stage.

44 star  seat view

Section Right Grand Suite

rosarugosa Jan 20, 2023

The view was nearly perfect and while it says Row C, there's only two rows (B and C) in that section and the incline kept any heads from blocking our view. The seats were comfy and we thought the tickets were worth the price; we'd buy these seats again!

55 star  seat view

Section Center Upper Balcony

Swankler Jan 12, 2023

Great Seats From Lucky Seat

55 star  seat view
Swankler Dec 14, 2022

Good view tight leg room

44 star  seat view

Section Left Upper Balcony

anonymous Jan 6, 2023

Excellent seats for the cheap price. You are able to see practically everything that occurs on the stage.

44 star  seat view

Section Center Middle Balcony

anonymous Nov 20, 2022

Perfect view! I could see everything and the sound was perfect right here. Nothing was ever too loud and everything was projected right here! But gosh there was absolutely no leg room.

44 star  seat view
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