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Section Dress Circle C

CirqueAmy Mar 28, 2023

Good seat, no obstructions to stage. Still able to see nuance, though I recommend binoculars to see close up.

33 star  seat view
pjsalerno802 Mar 20, 2023

Excellent Seats, great price!

55 star  seat view
chri2nyc Mar 10, 2023

Fantastic seats! Slightly right of center, great view of the entire stage, sound carried over nicely.

GVseatview Feb 26, 2023

seat comfortable for play with no break; legroom okay for 5'8" person, maybe tight for taller; very good view and sound.

44 star  seat view
ddpepper Feb 16, 2023

Excelente view. Access to Ambassadors Lounge.

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jan 14, 2023

Really great center center seats in the Dress Circle. I think the Balcony may be too high for me, but, I didn’t go upstairs to check.

44 star  seat view

Section Balcony C

Broadway1074 Mar 23, 2023

In Person Rush. You have a full view of the stage. If you see this show sit any level center or to ght side so you don't miss the ending. The seats were good at first but I was very uncomfortable halfway through. Good view but cannot see faces clearly

anonymous Mar 17, 2023

Center of the row, great view, no obstructions, but I wished I could've seen the actors' faces a little better

44 star  seat view
jttalent21 Jan 17, 2023

This theater is recently renovated, nice seats…it’s just a little steep.

33 star  seat view

Section Dress Circle R

JLBroadway Mar 22, 2023

Excellent front row balcony seat, clear view with no obstructions. This show had no set, so there were 2 times that an actor appeared at the far back right corner of the stage & I could not see them. Leg room was no issue for me, but might be if tall.

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra R

Sm333 Mar 21, 2023

Great view and great legroom for a decent price. Back corner of stage left is obstructed, but not an issue for this performance.

44 star  seat view
junlei Mar 18, 2023

For this play, it is essential to sit on ORC center or ORC right (even a far corner like this one). Don't sit in the ORC left or you'll miss one of the most dramatic and beautiful things I've ever seen in the theater - the kind that gave an audible gasp!

55 star  seat view
Dukes2021 Mar 10, 2023

Much closer in person. The speaker does block scene entrances/exits. Seat is all the way in the row

55 star  seat view

Section Balcony L

anonymous Mar 11, 2023

Great seat, could see all facial expressions well

55 star  seat view
andrewsmash Mar 8, 2023

Lottery ticket - this is an obstructed view. I missed some of the action in Act III. Not my favorite seat even for the super low price.

11 star  seat view

Section Balcony R

iampaulsteven Mar 10, 2023

Last row of the balcony. Great sight lines, but it was difficult to make out facial expressions. Seats felt roomy.

44 star  seat view
tomb_r8r Feb 15, 2023

Show is 100 minutes, no intermission and no re-entry. Ushers recommend using restroom before performance begins.


Section Orchestra C

anonymous Feb 16, 2023

For this production, Row C is the front row. The leg room is plentiful, the show feels more intimate, AND you have the pleasure of watching Oscar winner Jessica Chastain rotating on a turntable for 20 minutes before the show starts.

55 star  seat view
Kim A Feb 15, 2023

Awesome seats! Dead center. Plenty of legroom

55 star  seat view
Quaker Jan 8, 2023

Excellent seat

55 star  seat view
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