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Section Balcony C

anonymous Oct 18, 2019

The seats aren't elevated enough to see over the people in front of you. So unless you're in the very front row of a section, you're going to have to try to see between people's heads.

33 star  seat view
Sunny_D May 15, 2013

Some obstruction from light boxes hanging from balcony.

22 star  seat view

Section Box 13

anonymous Jun 23, 2019

View from my eye level. I am 6'7" and struggled the entire performance to see.


Section Box 19

anonymous May 20, 2018

For this show sears 3 and 4 are the only seats in this box. Unable to see some action on our side of stage, but overall a good view.

44 star  seat view

Section Balcony RC

musicobsession May 4, 2018

The people on stage are tiny and when people walk up and down the aisle during the show, they are in your way, but because this is the front row of the section, you can see just fine

44 star  seat view

Section Balcony R

anonymous Dec 24, 2017

Since it is on the first row, there is no where to stretch your legs. Also if you have kids or are on the short side, the railing can block view. Our 4 year old had to sit on a lap or stood in font of us. The 9 year old had to sit on edge of seat to see.

44 star  seat view

Section Orchestra C

anonymous Dec 10, 2017

Great seats, full view of the stage with no obstructions, even though it’s under the loge overhang.

55 star  seat view

Section BOX 15

alisonrose1999 Nov 16, 2017

Seats 2 and 3 had a perfect view, but my view was blocked by the person's head in front of me. I had to crane my neck to see anything. Would be fine if you're taller (I'm 5'4")

33 star  seat view

Section Balcony L

anonymous Jan 7, 2017

First row in the balcony - wonderful not having anyone in front of us and the view was great. Would buy again.

44 star  seat view