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Section 2B

AlwaysNextYear Nov 18, 2017

Great view of the court. All auxiliary score boards are in view, but no view of the Center scoreboard

33 star  seat view

Section 2C

rodlandersal Jan 18, 2016

Horrible seats. Roof overhang from Upper Level blocks the center scoreboard, which means NO video replays, and NO view of shot clock. Feels like you are looking through a mail slot. Also, rows are narrow, so not much knee room!

11 star  seat view

Section 3A

rodlandersal Jan 18, 2016

Essentially view from 3A. Seats on this level better than level 2. Seats have backs.

33 star  seat view

Section 3B

tjherndo Jan 23, 2014

Seats have seatbacks and armrest. Between the backboards. Full view of court and benches. Lower decks may have restricted view of Videoboard.

44 star  seat view

Section F

rodlandersal Jan 18, 2016

Great view overall, some obstruction from goal. Seats are plastic, row (and therefore your seat) does rock around when fans are moving around and cheering. Seat not that comfortable. A lot of Vandy season ticket holders in this area (Great IF you are a Vandy fan). Right behind visiting teams bench (on the endline).

33 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 4, 2018

Seats suck. Lady at front was not helpful. Horrible Gym. Asked question about seats and view, she said they were great seats. Obstructed view

11 star  seat view