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Has extra leg room

  • anonymous 2 star theater seat view
    Nederlander Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: A
    Pretty Woman
    Great Price for front row but it is very difficult to see at the front so get a booster!
  • Nederlander Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: A, seat: 107
    Pretty Woman
    Rush seat. Stage is super high so get a booster! Was a blast to sit this close. Got a high 5 from Orfeh during curtain call :)
  • Nederlander Theatre, section: Mezzanine C, row: G, seat: 112 And 113
    Pretty Woman
    Amazing seats to the adaption of the greatest romantic comedy of all time!
  • Nederlander Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: E, seat: 2
    Pretty Woman , Pretty Woman
    amazing seats, lottery win
  • Nederlander Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: A, seat: 3
    Pretty Woman
    The stage is very high, almost taller than my head, so there's a lot of time spent looking up, but the actors come very close to the edge of the stage so it's easy to see expressions.
  • anonymous
    Nederlander Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: B, seat: 24
    War Paint
    Great seat. Steps a little steep but this seat is first seat in row so plenty of leg room and,right next to stairs