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Selhurst Park » section T

Seats here are tagged with: can be in the shade during a day game has an obstructed view of the scoreboard is in the visitor's section is on the aisle is under an overhang
  • Selhurst Park, section: T, row: 18, seat: 64
    Crystal Palace FC vs Aston Villa
    Big post just to the right, the seat next to me it obstructed the goal
  • anonymous
    Selhurst Park, section: T, row: 14, seat: 74
    Crystal Palace FC
  • anonymous 1 star soccer seat view
    Selhurst Park, section: T, row: 39, seat: 49
    Crystal Palace FC vs Watford FC
    Badly designed stand - big screens are not visible due to low gantry. This seat is behind a new wheelchair balcony which got filled by people who stood there because access to their actual seats was very poor & got in the way of the view of the pitch.
  • Selhurst Park, section: T, row: 41, seat: 56
    Crystal Palace FC vs AFC Bournemouth
    Better than I thought it would be. I sat in row 28 for last seasons' match on a tues night and was stooping to see whole of pitch properly . Hence was worried about yesterday but it was fine. They must've had something hanging down from TV gantry last season.
  • Selhurst Park, section: T, row: 13, seat: 63
    Crystal Palace FC vs West Ham United F.C.
    Another win on the road for West Ham. The post was manageable but care if you are further back than row 13! Seat rating takes into account away fans atmosphere created!!
  • Selhurst Park, section: T, row: 34, seat: 67
    Crystal Palace FC vs Arsenal FC