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SoFi Stadium » section B4

Seats here are tagged with: has an obstructed view of the stage has awesome sound has extra leg room has great sound has this three quarter stage view is on the aisle
  • SoFi Stadium, section: B4, row: 11, seat: 5
    Red Hot Chili Peppers tour: 2022-2023 Global Stadium Tour
    Floor Seats. This stadium is HUGE! The music from here felt LOUD and you felt immersed in the concert. Amazing concert! I had seats 5
  • SoFi Stadium, section: B4, row: 17, seat: 26
    Motley Crue Def Leppard Poison And Joan Jett tour: Stadium Tour
  • anonymous 5 star concert seat view
    SoFi Stadium, section: B4, row: 29, seat: 24
    BTS tour: Permission to Dance
  • anonymous 4 star concert seat view
    BTS tour: Permission To Dance
    Don’t recommend if your short! People will hold their banners/phones very high and it kinda blocks you view… I’m tall and it was somewhat of a struggle to see the view but overall concert was amazing!!