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Can be in the shade during a day game

  • Spartan Stadium, section: 20, row: 45, seat: 43
    Michigan State Spartans vs Purdue Boilermakers
  • Spartan Stadium, section: 16, row: 45, seat: 48
    Michigan State Spartans vs Northwestern Wildcats
    Interesting angle to watch football. Hard to judge distance sometimes
  • anonymous 3 star football seat view
    Spartan Stadium, section: 21, row: 27, seat: 18
    Michigan State Spartans
    I would not recommend sitting near an aisle. Just an endless steam of fans. Late tailgaters heading up until the second quarter, early halftime rush people followed by late halftime people, and finally the people leaving early. It gets old.
  • Spartan Stadium, section: 7, row: 49, seat: 6
    Michigan State Spartans vs Penn State Nittany Lions
  • Spartan Stadium, section: 124, row: 2, seat: 5
    Michigan State Spartans vs Indiana Hoosiers
    Near 50 yard line
  • Spartan Stadium, section: 127, row: 28, seat: 20
    Michigan State Spartans vs Rutgers Scarlet Knights
    Shaded by the press box the whole time.

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  • anonymous 5 star football seat view
    Spartan Stadium, section: 26, row: 46
    Michigan State Spartans vs Eastern Michigan Eagles