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The Buell Theatre
1031 13th St
Denver Colorado 80204 United States

  • The Buell Theatre, section: Orchestra-A-Mid, row: N, seat: 8
    Good view of actors. View a bit limited on the right (stage left) side, but otherwise a good seat!
  • The Buell Theatre, section: Balcony-D, row: L, seat: 307
    From 4/13/2018. The picture doesn't NEARLY do this view justice!! There's also legroom for the taller patrons! Only thing missing from view are the wings on stage left.
  • anonymous
    3 star theater seat view
    the buell theatre, section: Balcony A, row: M, seat: 301
    Farthest seat from stage, great sightlines, full view.
  • anonymous
    3 star theater seat view
    The Buell Theatre, section: Orchestra B, row: BB, seat: 5
    Very close to stage so you are able to gloriously see the emotion on the actors faces; however, this area is not ramped so if there is a person of taller or equally height sitting in front of you, you sometimes have to readjust yourself to see around them.
  • anonymous
    4 star theater seat view
    The Buell Theatre, section: Balcony D, row: B, seat: 305
    Excellent view! No obstructions and were clearly able to see the actors as well as the absolutely beautiful light designs.
  • The Buell Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: D, seat: 13
    Amazing seats! Dead even with the stage floor, and very centered.
  • The Buell Theatre, section: Rear Orchestra, row: C-UU, seat: 19
    From August 17, 2017, the start of previews. Great view, plenty of legroom... This is the of the best seats in this house. Curiously, the rear orchestra seats are cheaper than the balcony seats.
  • The Buell Theatre, section: Balcony C, row: Row M, seat: 310
    John Mulaney
    Great view from the last row. Likely a good value seat for most shows.
  • The Buell Theatre, section: Orch, row: K, seat: 22
    On same level as those in front of you, so heads in the way.