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Section Front Orch

eli_loves.bway Mar 10, 2020

$25 Lottery win! Raked audience. Front row. On stage. Very close to actors (obviously). Almost got run over by dancers at points which was scary but funny!! Would totally sit here again. Loved loved loved it!


Section Center

Soulmasque Mar 6, 2020

There are probably no bad seats in this small theater.

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra

FantumGrey Jul 22, 2018

Small, intimate venue with good legroom. Seats are padded but hard.

44 star  seat view

Section Orch Left

aJerzeyGirl123 Jun 28, 2017

The show had tiered staging, so this seat worked out well because most of the play took place on the top tier.

33 star  seat view