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Section C

anonymous Aug 4, 2020

I think this was around the front of Section C, forgot what row and seat, ok view

44 star  seat view

Section A Right

anonymous Aug 3, 2020

great seats for their price, great view

55 star  seat view
SoulVirgo Sep 21, 2018

Great view...you will probably have to stand to enjoy if everyone around you is standing up. This is an aisle seat though so more room around than others.

55 star  seat view

Section North Terrace R1

moniquem Jan 10, 2020

Amazing view of the boys!! Super close to the speakers though so it might be too loud for a few people

55 star  seat view
nightvision415 May 22, 2019

Even though you can't see the entire stage, it was close enough so you could see them and no obstructing views.

44 star  seat view

Section B Left Center

anonymous Oct 29, 2019

Excellent seat!!! Straight shot view of the stage.

55 star  seat view

Section C Left Center

linalopezdl Sep 28, 2019

Pretty decent view!

44 star  seat view
Tlawl Aug 29, 2019

Great seats Awesome concert!

44 star  seat view
anonymous Aug 24, 2019

I absolutely loved these seats and show overall.

55 star  seat view

Section B Left

Ljinbs Sep 26, 2019

w/openers Eagles of Death Metal.rnFantastic show!

55 star  seat view

Section B

Tlawl Sep 3, 2019

Great seat! Awesome concert!


Section C Right Center

Tlawl Aug 30, 2019

More friends to say hello to with good seats. Great concert.

33 star  seat view

Section A Left

Tlawl Aug 30, 2019

Had friends sitting here. Amazing seats! They were happy.

55 star  seat view

Section B Right

Tlawl Aug 30, 2019

Excellent seat

44 star  seat view
SoulVirgo Nov 3, 2018

Good view overall, used both of the screens more than i would like. When people stand up in front of you you absolutely have to stand.

44 star  seat view

Section South Terrace L1

Tlawl Aug 8, 2019

Great bands! The seats sucked. This section is the furthest to the south side. The seats were on the left side of the section. Some people might like them because they are close to the stage but you can only see 3/4 the stage. NO!

11 star  seat view
Tlawl Aug 4, 2019

Side Stage but go no further to the right. Seat was fine.

22 star  seat view
Kmessersmith May 13, 2019

Good seats, no one in front of you. Only bummer is you cant see the whole back screen behind the drummer.

44 star  seat view

Section PIT

M92707 Jul 16, 2019

Awesome. You need to get there early to grab your standing spot.

55 star  seat view

Section Pit Center

Concertking2019 May 15, 2019

Al green has recovered from his hiatus and returned to limited touring his voice was spectacular and crisp

44 star  seat view
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