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Is a folding chair

  • anonymous 1 star theater seat view
    The Lowry, section: Tier 2, row: B, seat: 44
    Restricted View - can only see half of stage. Also need to stand up for whole show in order to see anything at all, which was fine for us but not advised for those who need to stay seated. Had great night, but would avoid in future if other seats available
  • The Lowry, section: stalls, row: J, seat: 11
    Get good view of entire stage. Not the worst but also not the best. As can see heads block a small part of view but nothing major. Probably would book 2-3 rows closer next time
  • The Lowry, section: circle, row: B, seat: 9
    The Nutcracker
    Good view, great seat to see the entire set however the very right of the stage is obscured but didn't lose anything from the performance. Would sit in these again.
  • anonymous 4 star theater seat view
    The Lowry, section: Tier 2, row: A, seat: 1
    Amazing seat. Slightly restricted view towards the front-right of the stage and the back-right of the stage, but apart from that and having to lean forward slightly... This seat is very comfortable, and is definitely worth the price.