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Uihlein Hall » section Sloge

Seats here are tagged with: allows food and drinks has extra leg room has great sound is on the aisle is padded
  • anonymous 1 star theater seat view
    Uihlein Hall, section: SLOGE, row: R, seat: 5
    Worst seat in the house - no leg room, maybe 1" between right side of chair and wall, and maybe 6" between left side of chair wall. This seat should not even be sold, especially at full price.
  • Uihlein Hall, section: SLOGE, row: S, seat: 1
    Dear Evan Hansen
    This seat had a clear view, but it was difficult to make sense of some of the scenery that needed to be viewed from a more central seat.
  • anonymous
    Uihlein Hall, section: Sloge, row: S, seat: 4
    Fiddler On The Roof