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Section Circle

anonymous May 20, 2022

Excellent seats. Central on the front row of the circle so saw absolutely everything, still close enough to see the facial expressions on the actors’ faces. We are only 5ft so no leg room issues but anyone bigger might struggle. Perfect for us.

55 star  seat view

Section Royal Circle

anonymous May 15, 2022

Great value seat with restricted view. The top of the stage is cut off so you miss a few scenes on the balcony, but I didn't feel I missed anything important. Chairs can be moved so you get loads of leg room and a ladies toilet and exit door close by.

55 star  seat view
anonymous May 1, 2022

Amazing view. Limited leg room but the same in the whole row. Would defo buy here again!

55 star  seat view
anonymous Mar 19, 2022

rncould see everything and very close to ice cream vendors during intermission

55 star  seat view

Section grand circle

emilypiperxo May 12, 2022

seats were very high up so if you’re afraid of heights i’d pay a bit more for lower seats! view was perfect, but you did have to look down for the majority of the time, which i didn’t mind. i’m 5’11 and the leg room was okay but if you’re taller watch out

44 star  seat view

Section Stalls

MrExhausted May 10, 2022

Great view with the feeling that you're part of the action. When performers come to the front of the stage and look down at the audience, you feel as though they are singing to you and you alone. Comfortable seat with enough legroom for my 6ft1 frame

55 star  seat view
anonymous Apr 28, 2022

Good seat. Top of the stage cut off, but didn’t make a difference as you could still see the whole stage and all the performers. Leg room was good - not too tight and enough room to wiggle about without knees being squashed. I’m 5’9 for reference.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Mar 20, 2022

Great view from this seat, you could see everything and the emotion on the performers faces. Great central view! Only thing I would say is it is very tight on your legs I’m 5’6 and my legs were touching the seat in front but it didn’t ruin anything for me.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 22, 2022

Amazing seat!

55 star  seat view
BrownOwl Feb 20, 2022

When booking this seat you’re advised that you will miss the right walkway. It didn’t detract from the show and there was probably only one part that we couldn’t see. Highly recommend- aisle seat with good leg room and seat was spacious.

55 star  seat view

Section Grand Circle

anonymous Apr 30, 2022

Amazing seats for the price. I think they were the second cheapest seats available. The view was amazing. Sufficient leg room. The left side of the stage was very slightly cut off but there weren’t any major bits that happened here.

55 star  seat view
anonymous Apr 21, 2022

Great seats and enough legroom for me as a big guy

44 star  seat view
JulesC52 Mar 6, 2022

Slightly high up but amazing view of everything

44 star  seat view
Giramund Mar 5, 2022

View when leaning back, can see most of the show leaning forward, but couldn't see anything happening on the very right of the stage

33 star  seat view

Section Grand Circle Box B

anonymous Apr 30, 2022

Great seats for the price. Right hand section of stage obscured. However the performers are mostly in the middle or front of the stage. Plenty of leg room.

55 star  seat view

Section Royal circle

anonymous Apr 8, 2022

Weren’t able to see heads of taller cast members on the balcony section, but good value and view. A few rows lower would have been ideal. Steep means no problem seeing over head of person in front.

44 star  seat view
Canwesee Mar 5, 2022

Great view

44 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 20, 2022

These seats are great, you have a full view of the stage, no obstruction if someone taller is in front of you, easy access to the toilets/bar as you’re right on the end. Would definitely pick these again!

55 star  seat view
leibar Feb 19, 2022

Could not see centre stage as the seat in front was positioned directly in my eyeline. All other rows seem to have alternating seats so you can see the stage through the gap between seats - but not this row. Got unlucky

22 star  seat view

Section Grand circle

anonymous Apr 3, 2022

Very back row.

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