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  • anonymous 3 star football seat view
    Wembley Stadium, section: 134, row: 8, seat: 1
    Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals
    Close to the action, but was constantly craning my neck around the post. rnAs it was for an nfl game most of the important play happens right in the middle of the field so struggled to see some plays/passes.rn(keep your eyes out for flying game balls) especi
  • anonymous 4 star football seat view
    Wembley Stadium, section: 540, row: 13, seat: 29
    Jacksonville Jaguars vs Baltimore Ravens
  • Wembley Stadium, section: 112, row: 22, seat: 19
    Cincinnati Bengals vs Washington Football Team
    Great atmosphere, obviously view when action is over the other side of the field isn't great but when it's your end it's amazing. Super close to the action.
  • Wembley Stadium, section: 241, row: 7, seat: 50
    Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills
  • Wembley Stadium, section: 135, row: 20, seat: 57
    St. Louis Rams vs New England Patriots
    NFL International Series game 28 Oct 2012.
  • Wembley Stadium, section: 215
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New England Patriots
    Before the game