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Section Orchestra C

NYTheatreMan Mar 26, 2020

Great mid orch seat. Clear view of everything.

55 star  seat view
jyn11 Mar 9, 2020

Amazing view, amazing show!

55 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 29, 2020

Amazing view (unless tall people are in front of you)! Practically dead center. Worth the $179!

55 star  seat view
ubadubam Feb 29, 2020

Perfect seat. Dead center. Could see all the action in this enormous show but also got to see great close up facial expressions!

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jan 31, 2020

Perfect view of everything! Never felt like I was looking up too much

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra L

anonymous Mar 8, 2020

Great seats for the money

44 star  seat view
Shorttimer Feb 22, 2020

Cheap seats. Great for the price.

22 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 13, 2020

Listed as partial view, I paid $59 and I would pay for this seat a million times over. From this seat the fireplace is obstructed and part of the doors so a few character entrances are missed but nothing important. Well worth it to sit so close!

55 star  seat view
ekc523 Jan 28, 2020

Overall a great view, minus an effect or two missed on the left side of the stage due to the proscenium.

44 star  seat view

Section Orchestra R

anonymous Mar 7, 2020

You could see everything and you don't miss any parts of the show also close enough to see actor's facial expressions. Great legroom (I'm 5'5'') and comfortable seating at this theater too. I could be there all day !

55 star  seat view
Soulmasque Mar 6, 2020

The guys head was actually not in my line of sight. The seat is a bit far for my eyesight, but I have opera glasses. Overall a good seat.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 24, 2020

Partial view. Great seat and value! Only missed a little on the side and stairs.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 8, 2020

Excellent view!

44 star  seat view
standerson6988 Jan 27, 2020

Miss a very minimal amount of the show but it is noticeable. Other than that the seats are really great

44 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine LC

masonm22 Mar 6, 2020

Excellent seat! Very last row, but the mezzanine is really short so we weren't far at all. Was a perfect view, nothing obstructed! Very comfortable


Section Mezzanine RC

anonymous Feb 16, 2020

The Winter Garden is a fairly small theatre compared to others, so even in the back it's better than pictured. I could see everything in great detail. The only obstruction was the occasional tall person, but the seats are stacked, so you're above everyone.

44 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine L

Melissa P Feb 8, 2020

Purchased this ticket for $79 on seat geek, w/ partial view. I was able to see abt 80% of the show very well. There were a few character entrances and parts of the act and scenery that I could not see at all. Not bad but wouldn' buy again. Prefer center.

33 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine R

ks3414 Feb 2, 2020

Excellent show, they transformed the theater in a neat way. Okay seats, but some action happens behind the obstructed view. End seat with no one behind you. Noisy bar and merch staff enters and exits through a door behind this seat. Distracting enough to grab my focus for a third of the show.

33 star  seat view
anonymous Jan 30, 2020

This is the last seat in the last row of the mezzanine, but it has a better view than some of the ones towards the front. The only thing that isn't visible is a few prop hand-offs and the "Ghost Zombie Jesus" bit: nothing important.

44 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine r

Hamilnerd Jan 19, 2020

It is much closer in real life GREATSHOW. Miss very far right stage but nothing really happens there

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