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the lowry » section Stalls

Seats here are tagged with: has awesome sound has extra leg room is a folding chair is padded
  • The Lowry, section: Stalls, row: F, seat: 13
    Everybody’s Talking About Jamie
  • The Lowry, section: stalls, row: J, seat: 11
    Get good view of entire stage. Not the worst but also not the best. As can see heads block a small part of view but nothing major. Probably would book 2-3 rows closer next time
  • anonymous 4 star theater seat view
    The Lowry, section: Stalls, row: T, seat: 33
  • The Lowry, section: Stalls, row: V, seat: 31
    Everybody’s Talking About Jamie
    Back row - decent view unless someone tall is in front. Had to look around the head of the person in front to see parts of the stage during some parts of the show, but a good seat for the price